Cruising the Fjords

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I recently took a cruise around the Fjords with Lydia and wrote a diary while I was travelling. I thought I’d share what I got up to and a few snaps with you. Here’s part one, look out for part two next week!


Cruising the Fjords


Sunday evening

Hello! So here we are on the glorious ship Azura, on our way to the Norwegian fjords – hooray! Lydia and I are sharing a cabin with a huge balcony and yesterday we had a very painless journey down to Southampton, followed by surprisingly speedy boarding. For this cruise we have been instructed to dress like an onion – Norway means rapidly changing weather, so you need to be prepared for everything. Yesterday was very windy but today has been much nicer. We are at sea, and the sun came out for several hours, probably because I deliberately didn’t pack any sun cream. I’m now a bit sunburned!

What have we done so far today? Well, after breakfast we joined the beginners’ waltz class and learned the basics, so I am now completely ready to be invited on to Strictly. Then we decided against the line-dancing class and sunbathed by one of the pools instead. After a gorgeous lunch in the restaurant I went to a lecture by the onboard author Diane Janes about the history of popular children’s books. Then in the theatre we watched the Ministry of Science put on a great show, teaching science to children.

Now we’re all done up for formal night, and I’m writing this before we head down to dinner. Later we’ll watch a comedian perform, then go on to the syndicate quiz. We have already met some lovely fellow cruisers and hope to meet many more. But, of course, I also enjoy meeting grumpy moaning people because they can be so funny. On a previous cruise we met a wonderfully stroppy Hyacinth Bouquet type who announced with pride, ‘I don’t like comedians – they don’t make me laugh.’ (If people say something memorably awful or outrageous, sooner or later it’ll generally end up in a book.)

Can I just say here that I know this kind of holiday isn’t for everyone, but we love it. I hate not having lots to do – sitting and relaxing on a deserted tropical beach would be my idea of a nightmare. I like endless activities and variety, plenty of people around me… and of course food, lots of food!

Monday afternoon

OK, I’m back again! It’s now Monday afternoon and we have left Stavanger. It was a bit rainy, but we explored the old town and the central part. The little white-painted wooden houses were fabulous. We’ve just had our sail-away party up on deck – lots of enthusiastic dancing and singing from the entertainment team and passengers.

 Monday evening

This evening Lydia made me go with her to see an Olly Murs tribute act. Not really my thing, but he was very good. He sang and danced and looked like Olly Murs, but spoke with a Welsh accent. We also saw another comedian in the main theatre and were amongst the last in, which meant sitting down at the front in the second row. He then began making fun of various people in the front row… scary, but we were lucky and didn’t get picked on – phew.


Cruising the Fjords



Tuesday evening

Today we docked at Ålesund, which was beautiful. We were very lucky and had three or four hours of sunshine. We took a trip around the town and up to the very high up observation point, which was fab. The guide told us that the town burned to the ground a hundred years ago and, when it became apparent that the jail would be burned too, the prisoners were let out and told to come back again on Monday. Being lovely Norwegians, I’m sure they did!

This evening we saw a brilliant show performed by the ship’s Headliners Theatre Company. Then Lydia and I did badly in the syndicate quiz, then we played Word Squares (as featured in You and Me, Always) and I played completely brilliantly and beat her. Twice!

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